The Medina County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is responsible for coordinating the county’s response to natural and man-made disasters. The EMA works with local, state and federal agencies to protect the lives and property of Medina County residents.

The EMA also provides the following services:

Medina County All Hazards Team

The Medina County All Hazards Team (MCAHT) is a specialized unit that responds to incidents involving hazardous materials, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, technical rescue and other complex emergencies. The MCAHT consists of trained and certified personnel from various fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services in the county.

Medina County Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Medina County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a group of representatives from public and private sectors that work together to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies. The LEPC collects and maintains information on hazardous chemicals stored, used or transported in the county, and develops emergency response plans and procedures.

EMA Volunteers

The EMA Volunteers are citizens who volunteer their time and skills to assist the EMA in various activities, such as public education, emergency preparedness, disaster response and recovery. The EMA Volunteers receive training and certification in areas such as emergency communications, damage assessment, shelter management and first aid.

Medina County Emergency Alerts

The Medina County Emergency Alerts (MCEA) is a system that notifies residents of emergencies and important information via phone, text, email or social media. The MCEA allows residents to customize their preferences and choose what types of alerts they want to receive and how they want to receive them.

To learn more about the EMA and its services, please contact us at (330) 722-9240. Thank you for your interest in Medina County EMA.