Medina County Emergency Management Announces New Safety Services Complex

Organized in 1990, The Medina County Emergency Agency (MCEMA) is a public service agency where disaster preparedness, emergency planning and public safety related emergency management functions are coordinated to serve our communities and help protect the citizens of Medina County.

For seven years, MCEMA has been searching for the right location to store all agency emergency vehicles in an All Hazards Operation. MCEMA Director Christina Fozio received two $400,000.00 grants from the same Capital Appropriations Bond Grant in 2018 and 2020. Soon after the second grant was received, COVID created delays in the project.

Recently, the Lafayette Township Trustees offered to donate 5834 Heatherhedge Drive to be remodeled into this MCEMA All Hazards Operations and the commissioners formally transferred that property in January of 2021. Construction will begin this Summer and will be completed by June of 2024.

Ms. Fozio reports that MCEMA has also recently received a $39K for the Medina County Water Team’s newly formed Dive Team and $225K grant for a Radio Tower with Repeater to assist with emergency communications, both from the State Homeland Security Program. The Water Team also received a $100K in a donation from the Hillier Foundation.

MCEMA is proud to announce that the new construction will be paid completely by donations and grants. Please call Christina Fozio at 330-441-2475 for more details and information.