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Mobile Command

Mobile Command is a specially outfitted vehicle used to create a Command Post for incidents that occur in Medina County that require large scale resources or that may extend over long periods of time. 


The onboard communication equipment has the ability to dispatch all Medina County Fire and EMS departments and has a variety of radio communications equipment.  An ACU-1000 allows the radios frequencies from surrounding county communications systems to talk directly to Medina County emergency respnders. It also has a voip phone system and provides data connectivity to the area surrounding the truck.


This vehicle has been on the scene of such incidents as police and fire crime scene investigations, swat team stand-offs, weather and flood emergencies and many fires, hazardous material spills and mass casualty incidents including the steam tractor explosion at our Medina County Fairgrounds. 


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Medina County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security is a local government agency that provides support and coordination assistance to first responders for countywide emergency/disaster planning, education, warning, response, and recovery activities.

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