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Take Action Checklist

This checklist is designed to be completed during an emergency situation. It aims to help guide you through emergency situations, and identify ways you can keep your business operating.

The Take action checklist will guide you through the things you should do during an emergency. This includes:

Take Action Checklist
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Act in an Emergency

Follow the actions below to help guide you during an emergency situation:

  • Remind your employees of all emergency warning systems in your local area.

  • Contact all relevant emergency services (SES, Police, fire ambulance).

  • Be guided by emergency services personnel. Depending on the emergency, you may have time to switch off electricity, gas and water, board up windows, or sandbag entryways.

  • Follow your emergency procedures, take your emergency kit and ensure everyone is accounted for and evacuated to a safe location outside the building or to a designated evacuation centre.

  • Locate copies of your registration, financial, insurance, customer data and other important business documents. These should be stored in a safe/offsite location.

  • Locate your current data backups—these should be stored in a safe/offsite location.

  • Contact all the relevant people on your emergency contacts list about your situation and whereabouts.

  • Keep up to date by listening to local radio or television broadcasts, visiting the Bureau of Meteorology website and accessing any official emergency social media networks.

Maintain 'Business as Usual'

  • If not already completed, review your critical business areas and identify the minimum functions required to keep your business going. Complete a full critical business area analysis by using the Emergency Management and Recovery Plan Template.
  • By carefully researching your options before an emergency, you can act quickly and easily. If required in your situation, consider the following options:
    • Connect your backup for essential services (local telecommunications, electricity, gas, water and fuel).
    • Relocate your business to a temporary location (such as a temporary business centre, hotel, someone's home or an office provided by a service provider).
    • Arrange a virtual office service (such as a telephone answering service, mail forwarding, or a remote secretarial service).
    • Identify the skills required to perform your key business functions and the employees required to perform these functions.
    • Arrange a start date with key employees. If unavailable, arrange backup employees who have been cross-trained in key areas.
    • Set up alternative ways of selling your products (including an e-commerce website or online auction account).
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